Bike Studies: Can You Draw A Bike By Hand?

Today we'll discuss a popular bike study that has been completed recently.

It tested the human memory and perception and received a lot of exciting results.

By the end of this article, you'll find out how drawing bikes can mean a lot about the male and female psychology.

Start by grabbing a pencil and a piece of paper. You have only two minutes to create a bike by memory.

Gianluca Gimini started this same idea in 2011, and he asked over 500 people to do the same task. Making a bicycle using only your memory is actually very complicated. Out of 370 people, only 25% of them knew how to draw a bike accurately.

However, Gimini didn't want the accurate bike drawings. His project was to use the other 75% of the imperfect bikes and create an art piece out of each of them. The results were a multitude of impractical and weird designs based on the drawings Gimini found.

What Does This Mean?

This study has delivered a lot of good results about human psychology and science.

Gianluca Gimini stated that "90% of the drawings where the chain is attached to the front wheel, was created by females." Also, "Men had the most accurate chain placements. But they would over-complicate the design of the frame if they realize they are not drawing properly."

The results from this project showed a lot about the mindsets of both genders and their visual perception of what a bike looks like.

While it might look easy, drawing a bike by hand is very difficult. Only a few people who are serious about biking would know how to draw it using only memory. Even Gimini tried the project and realized that his result was not very appealing.

White bike on a white background
Bike drawing - Gianluca Gimini experiment

Also, Gimini's project wasn't the first experiment that was designed this way. Psychologists from the University of Liverpool created a test that challenged and encouraged people to make a bicycle directly from memory.

Unlike those experiments, Gimini's had an added artistic side towards it. His project celebrated the ways people can become creative by accident. This is similar to the project that a San Antonio high school student made where he asked or 30 people to create the world map. As a result, the student created a photoshop map out of all of the different pieces that were made.

Overall, Gimini's experiment has a similar appeal. It looks as if you're staring into someone's imagination. "One designer wouldn't be able to make the same amount of variety on a single theme if he worked on it is entire life."


We believe that this bike study created a lot of improvised designs based off human memory. To conclude, we think that this bike study is a reflection on everyone's creative perception on what a bike should be.

Do you know how to create a bike by hand?

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