How To Make The Most Of Your Bike Commuting

How To Make The Most Of Your Bike Commuting

Do you bike to work? Are you thinking about biking to work? Regardless of where you are with this, commuting on your bike is a very useful and beneficial choice that you can keep going on a regular basis, depending on your location and climate.

However, the majority of commutes are shorter than a training or weekend ride, so it can sometimes be tough to not only commute well, but get anything tangible out of it in terms of fitness and skills.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re truly getting the most out of your bike commute.


If you haven't already chosen a path, or if you’re looking to change things up, don’t wait for the work day to be the time you give it a try.

Prior to getting started, plan your route using a map, your memory, or apps like Google Maps. Once you’ve gotten it all figured out, make a test ride back and forth on the weekend, or later on after work. This way you can catch anything that might hinder you, and adjust accordingly beforehand.


Bike commuting requires plenty of planning that goes well beyond just the way you’re taking.

Clothing can be a little tricky. Depending on your workplace and schedule, you may be able to ride to work in full bike gear, and then possibly even shower, or at least change to your work clothes. It’s up to you on how you set this up.

This can include leaving clothes for the week at work, or figuring out what work clothes you can actually bike in, and still show up without looking like you just rode the Tour de France.

Keep an eye on the weather as well, and always have a backup plan, whether it’s driving or taking public transit, or using rain gear.

Food is important as well. If you’re pressed for time as work to eat during the way, bring some trail mixes or granola bars to eat prior to your ride home, so you have some fuel to burn.


Short commutes can sometimes leave you feeling like you don’t get much out of them. If that’s the case, you can add some time onto your ride throughout the week, usually on the way home when time isn’t an issue.

This can include taking a longer way, or making a few loops at certain areas when able. Adding 15 minutes to a ride one way can add up to an hour and a half of extra riding time by the end of the week.


Shorter rides and urban terrain can give you a chance to work on your form a bit. This includes things like getting a fast start from a stand stop at a stoplight, to riding in easier gears to improve your pedaling cadence.


Making the decision to ​ride your bike to work​can be a life changing one if done right. By planning ahead and focusing on efficiency, you can always ensure that you're getting benefits with each ride to and from home.

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