Get Yourself Coffee & A Bike: Interesting Bike Cafes Around The World

Get Yourself Coffee & A Bike: Interesting Bike Cafes Around The World

Caffeine and bike riding seems like a good combination, which is why bike cafes are emerging everywhere around the world.

Drinking some coffee before a bike ride will come in handy halfway through the trip.

When you start to feel waves of fatigue, the caffeine works as an excellent pick me up.

Bike cafes is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, the cycle cafe trend is gradually increasing, especially all over Europe. Countries like the England, Germany, and Italy are home to some of the best bike cafes in the world.

Below are some bike cafes you should check out when you're traveling.

1. London: Look Mum No Hands!

Look Mum No Hands! is one of the original bike cafes to have emerged, and it has a pretty interesting backstory. The founder, Matthew Harper, wanted to create a place where people can watch the Tour de France live in London while enjoying a drink.

In 2010, Look Mum No Hands! was created, and revolutionized the cafe environment. In one place you can now get bikes, beer, coffee, and live cycling. There’s even cycle speed dating events that promote fellow bikers to find love.

Look mom no hands bike cafe.

Don't expect to find hard-core cyclists at Look Mum No Hands!. Every time you go to this cafe, you'll notice a diverse crowd of families, hipsters, tourists, and much more. For the in's and out's of London's cycling community, Look Mum No Hands! is the place to visit.

2. Berlin: Keirin Cycle Culture Café

Keirin Cycle Culture Café is even older than Look Mum No Hands! since it was first established in April of 2004. Two men founded the world's first dedicated track bike store, which became known as Keirin Cycle Culture Café. The two worked many years as bike messengers, so they created a place where bikers can relax and enjoy a quick cup of coffee.

Keirin cycle culture bike cafe.

Keirin Cycle Culture Café offers top-quality Italian coffee as well as a live screening of track racing and pro tour events. There's even a unique collection of antique bikes and bike parts that no other bike cafe has.

If you are out riding your bike and something goes wrong with the bike itself, Keirin Cycle Culture Café has a mechanic with 16 years of experience that can help you repair your bike.

You can enjoy a cup of coffee when the mechanic is quickly fixing your bike.

3. Milan: Upcycle

Upcycle was originally an abandoned garage, which then became a bike cafe. Sources say that this cafe was inspired by the London original Look Mum No Hands!

If you find yourself looking for Upcycle, you’ll notice that it’s extremely hard to locate. There aren’t any signs advertising the cafe until you arrive at the entrance. When you see a concrete slope with a ton of bike racks, you’ll have reached our destination.

Upcycle bike cafe in Milan.

Upcycle is surrounded by communal tables that make it easy to converse and enjoy your food. The detailed decor includes pedals and handlebars, which accentuates Upcycle’s bike cafe theme.

In regards to food, Upcycle sells delicious hand-made cakes and specialty Scandinavian dishes that are to die for. While you enjoy that food, you can also have your bike repaired by the Upcycle mechanic.

Final Thoughts

Europe seems to be the place to be if you want to go on a tour of bike cafes. Hopefully, the ones listed above will inspire you to see some today.

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