3 Of The Biggest Fears Bicycle Tourists Face

Wheel on top of the mountain

A bike tour can last as long as you please and cover any amount of distance.

Touring can get tiring, and it helps to travel in groups to ensure that you have some extra measure of security.

There are many fears faced by traveling cyclists who choose to go on tours, as they can be risky undertakings.

It is important to understand that the validity of these concerns will vary based on where you are touring, the size of your group of cyclists and other factors.

However, remember that these fears tend to be trumped up and somewhat irrational, some of them, however, are entirely valid.

Being Hit by a Driver

This is one of the more common fears for bicycle tourists. As you will typically have to tour on highways for at least part of your trip, you must be extremely careful when it comes to motorists. A car traveling at 60 mph has a much farther distance to brake than a car traveling at 20 mph.

Damaged bicycle

It is crucial that you exercise your situational awareness to the maximum while you are on a bike tour. Especially at night, it helps to wear reflective clothing and ensure that you have blinkers on both ends of your bike to ensure maximum visibility.

Being Attacked

A lone cyclist on a long range tour can sometimes be seen as a vulnerable target. Depending on the safety of the area that you are riding through, this fear can be both founded and unfounded.

Keep in mind that traveling in groups very much reduces your chances of being harassed or attacked, both physically and verbally.

Most of the time, these fears are overblown, and you will very likely be safe for the duration of your journey as long as you take proper precautions. It helps not to travel at night to ensure that there are more motorists on the road, instead of being left alone to fend for yourself.

Being Injured Due to Terrain

It is also important to keep a close eye on the surrounding terrain to ensure that you can bike through an area safely.

This can range from anything as innocent as gravel or dirt on the road resulting in a loss of traction all the way to cliffs and other natural obstacles which may lead to serious injury and even death.

Being Injured Due to Terrain

As long as you keep your eyes peeled for any possible obstructions regarding the surrounding terrain, you should be fine. Sharp eyes are a cyclist's best friend.

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