Bicycle Touring Basics: Three Free Yet Ideal Places To Sleep In

Going on a bike tour across the country can be an inexpensive endeavor if you know exactly where to go for lodging accommodations.

You don't have to spend $20 a night at a hostel to have a bed when you can make your bed anywhere you go.

Before embarking on your bike tour, you need the proper camping gear to be able to create your own home at a moments notice.

Depending on where you're traveling, you have a limited amount of options where you could set up camp.

Below is a list of places you should consider setting up your tent to enjoy a good night's rest so you can continue on your bike tour.

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a free way to link with like minded people who are offering their home as a place of shelter. All you have to do is go to the website and sign up.

You'll have to make your profile, and then you can mingle with people who are offering a couch for you to sleep in.

Yellow couch and wall with a map

This method of finding shelter is known worldwide so that you can go to any city and you're bound to find someone who can let you crash on their couch.

2. The Beach

If you’re along the west coast, the beach is the perfect place to set up your camping tent. Make sure you’re allowed to stay on the beach and that it’s not private property. Once you make sure that it’s safe to make camp, then you can start making yourself at home.

The beach has the sea which provides you with a shower as well as a relaxing morning swim. It's a lot easier to make a fire on the beach, and you could also wash your cooking utensils without wasting your batch of fresh water.

Keep in mind that it get’s chilly and breezy at the beach during night time, so you need to wear clothing appropriate to the climate.

3. Ask Around

You can also build up the confidence to talk to locals and share your story. People are frequently fascinated with cyclists and are happy to let you sleep in their home.

One cyclist in Italy was talking to a senior man who then offered to let him stay at his house for as long as he needed.

A good tip would be to ask around when it’s getting later in the day and explain that you need a place to sleep and that you’ll leave early in the morning.

If the person then suggests you go to a campsite, don’t be too pushy because the person will end up feeling uncomfortable.

Cozy camping setup on the beach

If you’ve never done this before, you should look for places that look well-maintained and have welcome signs which normally indicate that the people inside are friendly.


Going on a long-distance bike tour is a strenuous process that involves a lot of money if you plan on staying in hotels throughout your entire journey.

You can take advantage of what nature has to offer and set up camp outside, or you can be friendly towards people, and they'll most likely open their home's for you.

Hopefully, the tips above give you enough information to minimize the expenses of your trip.

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