Best 4 Biking Capitals Around The World

Best 4 Biking Capitals Around The World

Riding a bike in a city environment makes sense since a city makes maneuvering your bike around an easy process.

Since the rapid evolution of urbanization, people have witnessed new and improved modes of transportation, as well as cities themselves, have embraced these new transportation methods.

A city also emits the most pollution when compared to a rural and suburban environment, so it's your job to lessen your carbon footprint.

Riding a bike certainly, lessens the negative impact you have on mother earth, and works out your muscles. This means bike riding is a win-win situation.

Below are detailed looks on the best biking capitals you can find around the world.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is Denmark's capital city and reigns supreme in the bike riding department. Around 36% of people who go to school or work all use a bike as their means of travel.

Girls riding bikes in Copenhagen

This number is no shock since Copenhagen is virtually a utopia for bikers. The layout of the city pertains to the needs of bike riders.

In fact, Copenhagen contains more than 180 miles of bike lanes and paths, bicycle parking in the downtown area, a well as traffic signals specifically for bikers.

Copenhagen also has more than 100 bike share stations set up throughout the city that is free with a refunded coin deposit.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland was the only massive U.S. city to receive a top rating from the League of American Bicyclists' because the city deserves it.

In fact, Portland is single-handedly leading the national effort to put bikes on the same level with automobile travel.

Girl sitting in a cafe in Portland with her bike

The city contains over 270 miles of paved paths and bike lanes, hundreds of traffic signs relevant to bikers, and hundreds of places to park your bike in the city.

Portland has also passed laws that give developers incentives if they were to provide locker rooms and showers for people riding their bike to commute to work.

Unfortunately, Portland doesn’t have a free bike-share program, but they do have several stations where you can pay to rent a bike for the day.

3. Munich, Germany

The three-mile radius of Munich's downtown area will have you leaving your car at home and instead have you riding your bike everywhere.

This is because you're guaranteed to travel more flexibly and quickly on a bicycle than if you were to use any other type of transportation.

Girl riding her bike in Munich

The city of Munich contains traffic signals specifically relevant to bike riders, dedicated bike lanes, and hundreds of miles of marked routes.

These innovations targeting bike riders have created a modern urban infrastructure that values efficiency and cleanliness. Munich doesn’t offer a free bike-share program, but you can rent bikes daily at any pick-up point near train stations.

4. Perth, Australia

Perth is regarded to be Western Australia’s capital that contains bike lanes, extremely bike-friendly streets, and hundreds of miles of bike paths.

Bike street art in Perth

Some of the most rigorous bikers classify Perth as having one of the most lengthy and advanced cycling systems found anywhere around the world.

This is because there are bike routes that move from suburbs to the central city, which many other cities lack.

Perth also includes enclosed bicycle parking found around train stations, signs that detail bike paths and bike lockers found everywhere in the downtown area.

Perth’s most famous bike renting program allows you to rent bikes by the hour and can be found in the downtown area.


If you’re thinking about moving to a bike-friendly city, any of the ones listed above will suit your needs.

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