Air Cleaning Bikes: Possibly The Future Of Cycling

People on air cleaning bikes

The level of smog in cities around the world is increasing at a dangerous pace.

While carbon emissions are slowly being reduced in some countries, others still have a severe issue when it comes to air pollution.

Air is one of the fundamental necessities for human beings and polluting the air that gives us life is not a good idea.

As well as degrading the quality of our health, smog makes cities gloomy and depressing.

There may be a solution for cyclists that wish to improve air quality, however.

A Solution to Air Pollution

Few people are as affected by smog as cyclists. The experience of cycling through a city with heavy air pollution is a very unpleasant one, as you are exposed to the elements on a bicycle.

Your relatively high speed increases the amount of smoggy air that you come into contact with, so you will end up inhaling far more polluted air than the average pedestrian or motorist. Thankfully, a Dutch design studio has come up with a potential solution to this issue.

The Smog-Eating Bike

The idea of an air cleaning bike is still a relatively new one, so the concept is still not out of developmental and experimental stages. The basic concept, however, is relatively simple, it is only a matter of working out how it will end up in practice.

Smog-Eating Bike

The air cleaning bicycle essentially combines an ionization filter with a bicycle to improve air quality for both the rider and the city as a whole. Ionization filters are excellent at removing small particles such as carbon emissions from the air.

This filter would be placed either on top of the bike's handlebars or just in front of them, allowing the bike to purify the air in front of it as you ride. Once the air has been purified, it is redirected towards the rider's face so that you can inhale clean air in an unclean city.

This design has the double advantage of also increasing the quality of the air citywide, as long as enough cyclists are using this technology on the roads.

In countries such as China or the Netherlands, where many people ride bikes to work, this may have a meaningful impact on the environment for the greater good. While this design is still very much experimental, it seems to have very much potential for improving the quality of life of riders and non-riders alike.


Some may see this technology as nothing more than a distant dream, but it is quite possible in reality.

Ionization filters small enough to fit on the front of a bicycle without obstruction already exist, it is simply a matter of finding the best way to power the filter, and redirect the air towards the cyclist.

In a few years, cyclists may be undoing the damaging work of cars.

Bike as solution to air pollution

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