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Folding bicycles are, exactly as the name implies, a bike that folds in half in order to save space.

Their folding design makes them perfect for people who live in small apartments, who ride public transportation, or who commute back and forth to work on bike and need something small they can store when it’s not being used.

Because of their primary uses (easy to store and foldable), they tend to be incredibly lightweight and lack most of the features of other, larger, and heavier bikes.

Even though they share the folding nature, each bike is actually quite different. They all offer varying levels of compactness, ride quality, comfortability, durability, price, folding ease, and folding speeds.

The folding design requires quite a few different structural requirements, with a larger number of moving parts, more complexity, and a very limited market appeal. They are also typically more expensive than many other types of bikes, because of the added complexity and limited market.

Aside from thinking about price, you will need to also think about how you want the bike to fold, how small it needs to be when it is folded, and how quickly you will usually ride the bike. Each of these are areas that manufacturers of folding bikes will use as selling points.

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