Fixed Gear Bicycles Hub

A fixie, or fixed-gear, fixed-wheel, or “fixed” bicycle is a bike that has no freewheeling mechanism on the back chain. What that means is, when compared to other bikes, as you pedal and let go the pedals will continue moving.

On other bikes, like a hybrid, MTB, or racing bike, as you stop pedal the pedals will begin to “freewheel” and stay wherever your feet are positioned. On a fixie, they are going to continue turning as the rear wheel turns.

Fixies are typically built with single gears, which can make riding them a bit tougher than riding a bike that lets you select the perfect gear ratio based on the terrain that you’re riding or the speed that you want to ride at.

Some manufacturers have begun utilizing closed hubs that allow the rider to change through 1, 2, or 3 gears without creating slack in the chain that would interfere with braking or potentially leave the bike unable to pedal.

Fixed bikes can come in a wide variety and styles. Some BMX riders prefer a fixed-wheel bike so they can reverse down obstacles, while other people prefer a full-sized fixed wheel bike for the nostalgia and consistent ride.

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