Scott E-Spark 700 Electric Mountain Bike Review

Scott E-Spark 700 Review


$4,000 to $6,000


Motor, battery, tires




If you often find yourself wishing that you could bypass or speed through certain parts of the trail than this bike might be right for you.

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Olympic athlete Nino Schurter collaborated with the Scott design team to create the Scott Scale and Spark lines.

The Scott E-Spark 700 is a motorized version of a Spark model bike.

With the addition of a motor to the already responsive, fast spark 700 becomes a dream-machine for fun mountain biking. You can use the motor assist on long never-ending climbs and have just as much fun on the uphill’s as you do on the downs.

Tech Specs

FRAME SIZE: 45.6 to 48.9-inch wheelbase
BRAKE TYPE: The Shimano XT M8000 Disc brakes
SHIFTER: Shimano Firebolt shifter or Shimano XT SW-M8050-R
RIMS: The DT Swiss HX531  rims
TIRES: Maxxis Rekon tires in size 2.8 by 27.5 inches, with a 120TPI Kevlar bead
PRICE RANGES:  $4,000  to $6,000 

What makes the E-Spark 700 unique?

Here is an in-depth look at the specs on this motor-assisted mountain bike.

Frame Size Options

One stand-out feature of this bike’s frame is that it has a Shimano E8000 STEPS-motor- integrated into the frame, which means that when you first look at the bike, you don’t necessarily see the motorized components.

You can see, however, that the center of the frame is thick. The motor, of course, makes the bike more massive, and it weighs in at 48.72 pounds. The engine has a maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

Scott E-Spark 700 Sideview

The E-Spark was designed with a 700 Alloy Frame. It comes with several frame size options, ranging from small to extra-large. The wheelbase of the shortest version of this bike is 45.6 inches, and the most extended version has a 48.9-inch wheelbase.

This sizing makes for a long bike and maximal momentum with each pedal. The modern geometry also gives the bike a stable feel. The long wheelbase allows beginner and expert riders alike an advantage when it comes to finding the central balance point on the bike. The standover height of this model ranges from 28.5 to 30.8 inches, and a 16 to 18.9-inch reach.

Braking Power

It makes sense that with a motorized bike you need brakes with plenty of power.

The Shimano XT M8000 Disc brakes are a perfect fit. They are a part of Shimano’s Rider Tuned family of parts. Shimano is experienced and respected for making bike parts that fit all mountain biking styles, especially recently as the sport has evolved to include a wider variety of terrain and riding styles.

Motorized mountain bikes are case in point; this new aspect of the sport changes the way people ride, and Shimano responds to that. The brake is stable in various conditions and offers a high-powered braking experience for increased control.

Shifter With Multishift and Synchronized Shifting Capabilities

In addition to Shimano brakes, the E-Spark also contains a Shimano Firebolt shifter or Shimano XT SW-M8050-R.

It offers an effortless multi-shift option for downshifting or upshifting multiple gears at a time.

Scott E-Spark 700 Electric Motor

It is also capable of synchronized shifting.

The synchronized shifting option gives riders the power to program their shifting patterns into the bike so that there is less of a chance of making an error. This feature is helpful to newbies and experts alike because even the most advanced rider might make a mistake when they are fully absorbed in a technical, challenging ride.

One additional highlight of this shifter is that it allows you to have remote control of your suspension so that you can easily move between full suspension and a locked position while you ride.

Race-Worthy Rims

The DT Swiss HX531  rims of the E-Spark 700 are 30 mm in width and have 28 holes (28h). The 28 spokes of this rim make it a faster, lighter more race-worthy wheel than some other rims which are built to withstand the high impact of aggressive downhill riding or jumps. The rims are tubeless ready.

27.5-Inch Tires

As for tires, the E-Spark includes Maxxis Rekon tires in size 2.8 by 27.5 inches, with a 120TPI Kevlar bead. Whereas riders used to be faced with two tire diameters, 26 inches or 29 inches, we now have a third choice.

The new 27.5 diameter offers the rider a greater ability to roll over bumps than a 26-inch wheel, but is lighter and snappier than a 29-inch wheel.

Scott E-Spark 700 Buy now

The Maxxis Rekon tires are designed for aggressive cross-country trail riding and were inspired by the Maxxis Ikon Plus tire which so many people liked.

High-Dollar Price Range

The Scott E-Spark 700 isn’t cheap. Buying one could cost you anywhere from 4,000 dollars to 6,000 dollars. The cost reflects the electric motor capabilities of the bike, the digital aspects, and the high-end Shimano parts that the bike includes. This high price point, however, is still middle ground when we consider that some Scott racing bikes are priced around 11,000 dollars.

What We Like

The build of this bike is imposing.

We like the way the Shimano motor is integrated into the frame, giving the bike a very streamlined look. The motor assist option gives you riding capabilities which are exciting, like powering up a long ascent so that you can get to the downhill that you are looking forward to.

We also like that the motor assist can enable you to cover more miles in less time, which means that you can access the terrain that you desire even when you have a limited block of time.

The electric components of the bike are powered by an Ion-Lithium battery which can handle long days out on the trail. We love the fact that it is easy to charge, and can reach 80% power within two and a half hours. The digital color display is also a neat feature on the bike, and it is streamlined into the handlebars to avoid a clunky appearance.

  • Shimano motor integrated into the frame for streamlined design
  • Motor assist allows you to cover more miles in less time and crush climbs
  • Ion-Lithium battery is long lasting (500WH capacity)
  • check-circle
    27.5-inch wheels
  • check-circle
    Maxxis Rekon tires with burly tread ideal for aggressive cross-country riding
  • check-circle
    Shimano Firebolt shifter has multi-shift and synchronized shifting capabilities

What We Don’t Like 

The E-Spark 700 is well suited for the right rider, but for others it just isn’t the right fit. Here is a short list of the downsides of this bike.

  • The electric capabilities add to the weight of the bike
  • You need to know how to program tech to use shifter options
  • You won’t be training as hard when you use the electric-assist

Buying Advice

If you often find yourself wishing that you could bypass or speed through certain parts of the trail than this bike might be right for you.

It is made for the cross-country and trail riders who want to add a new element to their riding experience.

With this bike, you would be able to use an electric assist on the “boring” parts of the ride. Or, you could increase your speed on sections of the trail that you already find exciting, but wish to enhance.

Mountain bikers who focus on physical fitness rewards of riding may want to opt for the Scott Spark 700 rather than the motorized version because they’ll have a lighter bike that they can power with inner fuel instead of an exterior device.

Electric assist bikes might be the next big thing in mountain biking, for a good reason.

The twenty-five mph motorized speed can add a new element to any ride, especially uphill sections of your trail terrain.

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