The Cycplus M2 Bike GPS Review- Amazing Bike Computer!!

The Cycplus M2 Bike GPS Review

As a team of bike enthusiasts, we are always looking for ways to improve and enhance a bike ride, whether one plans to go mountain biking or wishes to acquire intense cycling training.

Speaking of enhancing a bike ride – besides cars or motorcycles, you’ll hardly come across a speedometer or any equipment of that kind on bikes. While a GPS computer is much of an afterthought for some casual riders, it still holds its ground as the most critical biking gear for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders.

To save you a hell of a time, why not discuss the very best product out there, such as the CYCPLUS M2.

This portable device has the ability to preview your speed and can be even more functional in several ways, from being an odometer to sharing the cycling dynamics. In order to get the most out of it, you must be acquainted with all its features and other attributes. So, let’s move on to a comprehensive guide of Cycplus M2 Bike GPS Computer Review.

Cycplus M2 Bike GPS computer

Price Click for Latest Deal
Pros Unique feature of Gemini shock system, Slack-head and long geometry
Cons No cons
Summary Easy to read both in day & night. Backlight mode can be turned on with just a press of the button
Our Rating 92/100
Brand Cyplus

Features Of CYCPLUS M2:

After reviewing this attractive yet subtle GPS computer 2022, our team confirmed the following characteristics:

  • The UBLOX chip present in the device is from Switzerland, which supports four Global Satellite Navigation Systems.
  • It comes with a GPS active antenna that renders faster & accurate positioning than the normal version.
  • It automatically goes on sleep mode when there is no motion from your side that needs to be saved. 
  • Manual backlight is easily accessible via just a push on a button. This backlight is pretty helpful for those of you who like to extend their trip or journey up till dusk or after sundown. 
  • The manual backlight renders better visibility at night, which makes it easy for you to read the display. It also provides you with the freedom to control it manually. 
  • This GPS Cycling computer is highly compatible with ANT+ devices, which allows you to acquire and update all the data to your phone while syncing with STRAVA via XOSS.
  • The most basic feature of the Cycplus M2 is the sensors it supports. Average speed, power, altitude, odometer, cadence & heart rate are just some of the sensors that we are sharing with you over here. 
  • Another amazing attribute of this GPS computer is that you can use this Best Bike Computer, even while it’s being recharged.
  • 2.5inch LCD Screen, 30 hours use, Auto Standby, and IPX6 grade waterproof are several other characteristics of this device which we will discuss further in the product details.

Concluding the features here, we will move towards the in-depth understanding of a few attributes of this GPS computer through the product details. 

Product Details of The CYCPLUS M2

1. LCD Screen:

The 2.5 inches glare-free backlit screen comes with FSTN technology. We have often observed that on a sunny day, you won’t probably be able to see everything on your phone display. But, the advanced technology on the display of this Cycplus bike computer makes it highly visible in the sunlight.

Product Details Of The CYCPLUS M2

In fact, the LCD screen automatically lights up depending on the sunrise and sunset time in different time zones, making the data clearer and easier to read all day long. Hence, it is also important to set the time zone after you unpack the product. 

And if you have any concerns about durability, then don’t worry. The LCD screen is shielded using tempered glass, which will withstand all nail scratches. 

2. IPX6 Grade Waterproof:

The wireless and waterproof design (i.e., the IPX6 Grade Waterproof) of this device encourages you to continue and explore all your adventures despite the rain. The IPX6 grade waterproof technology is usually included to resist high-pressure and heavy sprays of water.

3. Large Battery Capacity:

The wireless GPS computer features a super large battery capacity of 1100MAH. The appealing battery life, which is 30 hours long, offers better runtime than any other GPS computer and that to at an affordable price of $69.99. Our team at BikesReviewed charged the Cycplus M2 and used it for several days, and believe it, guys, it still had those three bars (the max. charge). 

When you need to charge the device, plug in your USB-C cable at the back of the bike gear for easy and fast charging.

4. Satellite Navigation System:

Since the bike computer included the UBLOX chip from Switzerland in its system, it takes about 35 to 40 seconds for the device to locate the satellite. It has a fantastic reception, due to which the connection was never lost even when our team tried using it in the woods.

5. The Settings And Buttons:

Well, it’s not a touchscreen device but a bike gear with impressive functions simply under $80 seems to overshadow the former issue. 

You can read all the details on the screen using the buttons where you have the freedom to scroll through five screens, but it does not really allow you to customize the data that is displayed on the screen. 

However, four pieces of information are constant for all five screens – the GPS signal, the temperature, the battery life, and the time. But, let’s be honest here: the buttons are very, very easy to locate, and the usage is quite hassle-free.

Cycplus M2 Tech Specs

  • WEIGHT : 68g
  • TYPE : C charging
  • ANT+: compatible
  • Support: XOSS app
  • LED SCREEN: 2.5inch
  • RUNTIME:  30 hrs 
  • IPX6 GRADE: waterproof
  • CHARGING TIME: 3.5 hrs

What we Like

The info and details provided up till now basically (or almost) represent the GPS bike computer review for the Cycplus M2 bike. But, there are still some specific elements left to discuss this product that literally made us like it.

  • The device automatically powers off and pauses if it is not in use.
  • The 2.5-inch screen is compact enough to provide you with all the data you need, clearly both during the day and night.
  • The BLE5.0 makes the process of synchronizing data to a mobile phone pretty seamless. Along with the 30 hours of long-running time, you get 16M Internal memory to save your riding history or cycling data.
  • Once your Cycplus M2 is connected to the GPS, you can download all your cycling data through XOSS.
  • It has also adopted the GPS active antenna, allowing better signal receiving ability.
  • And, (the best) you get a 12-month warranty on this GPS computer.

The CYCPLUS M2 hasn’t particularly brought something new to the table regarding its functions in comparison to the M1 GPS Computer. But, the new model is undoubtedly equipped with a more compact and impressive design that makes it appealing to even casual riders. 

Unlike the former model, the M2 has an appearance of a hockey puck and weighs way less than the M1.

What we don’t like

If you start using the device yourself, you’ll find that there is not much to complain about the Cycplus M2. The brand can brainstorm about the customization issue to make it personalized for the user in their next model. But for now, this device alone can work for you amazingly with the functions it performs.

Buying advice:

Among several GPS Bike computers under budget, the Cycplus M2 has come to our notice as the most decent and durable device out there. Its sensors include heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, along with data-related power that is easily accessible through the 2.5 inch LCD screen.

While the seamless synchronization helps with the download process, you can also opt to upload your cycling data and keep tabs on your cycling excursions through apps like Strava. 

The price range of this device actually seems unreal given the attributes it acquires. Purchasing the M2 after analyzing the pros and cons of this GPS computer can definitely add to your amazing biking experience and your biking gears.


To sum up this in-depth Cycplus M2 GPS computer bike review, this biking device is something that you must get your hands on. This product is a great choice even for casual riders who don’t appreciate too many advanced features and need a device that does the job under a budget.

You can save your cycling data after every ride and browse through it later on your phone. The data not only inspires you on your next ride but also encourages beginners to want to ride more. If you see yourself wanting this gadget for your biking endeavors, then wait no more and get yours today!


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