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Cruiser bikes, also known as beach cruisers or motobikes, are a unique breed of bike. They are typically built with “balloon” tires that make it easy to glide across the sand and softer terrains.

When it comes to casual riding, vacationing, or traveling shorter distances at slower speeds, cruisers are the perfect bike. They’re incredibly stable and easy to ride, and feature a comfortable riding position that makes even the longest of trips easy to take.

The one downside to a cruiser is that they are, generally, heavier than most other types of bikes. This is due to their sturdy frame, wider wheels, thicker tires, and added features -- like racks, bag carriers, and bottle holders.

From the 1930s until the late 1950s, cruisers were some of the most popular bikes in the United States, with many models being used during WW2 as courier transports.

Even though they tend to be on the slower end of the spectrum, many of today’s other models -- like the MTB and Fixie -- take cues from the design of the cruiser. Their drawn back handlebars and upright seating position with extra padding are great additions to other types of bikes and help make the cruiser as popular as it still is today.

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