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Known for their steel frame fixed-gear designs, Critical Cycles brings affordability to the “fixie” cycling trend. The company made it mark in the Fixie market and then quickly moved into all forms of casual biking.  

Critical Cycle's statement does the best job at defining what makes it special: “born of an ambition to eliminate the barriers to adventure and powered by an ethical business model and small team of innovators.  We savor every moment we have outside and want to share our appreciation of fresh air with you.”

CRITICAL CYCLES bikes - Our Reviews

Who is Critical Cycles?

One of four companies under the new ownership of Westridge Outdoor, Critical Cycles handcrafts all of their bikes with the commuter in mind.  Their company mission is to get as many people off the couch, away from their desks, and on a bike as possible and they’ve priced their models to do just that.

 Today, they offer a variety of bike styles and components to meet the need of many types of riders.  They stay true to their roots with fixed-gear models, and also have other steel frame urban bicycles that are perfect for commuting, doing tricks, or even fitness.

Critical Cycles - popular Bike Models

While they started as a company with a focus on single-speed bikes, 6KU offers several models in addition to the fixie.  Here’s the roundup.

Critical Harper

Available as both a fixie and a single speed, the Harper is the cornerstone of Critical Cycles design theory.  It features a tig-welded steel frame and fork and is well-suited to city street riding.  You can configure it as a true fixie, meaning that the pedals will move anytime the wheels rotate and you won’t be doing any coasting when you ride.  You can also set it up as a single speed, giving you just one gear but the ability to coast downhill if desired.

Critical Beaumont

The Critical Beaumont comes in a step-thru design as well as a model with a flat top tube.  It’s built with high-tensile strength steel and uses Critical’s favorite tig-welding technique to make it durable and strong.  It’s so reliably constructed, in fact, that the frame and fork both come with a lifetime warranty.  The Beaumont has a seven-speed drivetrain, giving you intensity options while you’re riding.

Critical Pursuit

Another single-speed option by Critical, the Pursuit’s main differentiating feature are the handlebars.  Installed in a bullhorn configuration, they give you lots of hand positioning options and let you ride leaning further forward for optimum comfort and performance.

Critical Chatham

Critical’s version of a beach cruiser, the Chatham, is a model with lots of options.  The bike frame is available with both a flat top tube or in a diagonal step-thru design making for easy mounts and dismounts.  You also have gearing options and can choose from a single speed, three speeds, or seven speeds depending on what works best for you.

Critical Barron

In addition to their commuter bike line-up, Critical also offers a 21-speed fitness model, the Barron.  It’s sturdy, lightweight frame combined with name-brand components and an upgraded suspension fork makes this model a good choice for both on and off-road adventures.

Critical Harper

The Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed and Harper Coaster are considered the next evolution of the commuter bike. The bikes have custom riding settings such as single-speed, fixed-gear or freewheel -- which allows you to cruise with no need for pedaling. Harper indicates that the bike is designed for daily excursions through city streets.