18 Great Halloween Costume Ideas For You And Your Bike

Spooktacular Bike Halloween Costume Ideas For 2022


Halloween is just around the corner, and most of you might have decided on your costumes too. Being a cyclist enthusiast, there are innovative and pretty Halloween costumes ideas for you and your bike. Few of them are simply gorgeous, while the other few can be modified to blend in with your bike and match your style. 

Ride on your titanium steed and make some spooky impression. Check out the best costumes ideas for your bike and you below.

There are going to be plenty of opportunities to do some good old-fashioned rabble-rousing on the streets that night. Pray for a full moon to add to the scare factor this Halloween.

For some, Halloween can be a stressful time leading up, mainly because it gets harder and harder to come up with good ideas for a Halloween bike costume each year. So, allow us to help.

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There are a few tips and guidelines given by the Centers for Disease Control for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc so that you are safe from this COVID-19 pandemic situation. Make sure you follow these guidelines and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

This is a biking site, after all, so we’re going to keep the theme going. Have you ever thought about Halloween bike costumes that you can use a bike with? There are actually probably more ideas than you realized.

Whether you’re trying to retain your commuting abilities on the way to work, or on your way to a party, there are plenty of things you can be to where you still get to keep the bike as a part of it. 

Before you send your kids for trick and treat make sure you follow some Halloween safety tips to ensure you stay away from safety hazards.

  • Make sure all the costumes to wear on a bicycle are fire resistance.
  • Use reflective tags or tapes on  Halloween costumes or bags if your kids are out at night.
  • Use non-toxic makeup and test it before you apply it to your body.
  • Remove the makeup before you go to bed
  • Teach your kids to never enter strangers home and car
  • Ask your kids to not eat their treats until they return home.
  • Tell them to stick with their friends or siblings while traveling.

So let’s start, here we have 18 fun and Best Halloween Bike costumes you can easily pull off two wheels.


Imagining and creating wonders while being a witch is the life of Wanda in WandaVision. This Halloween 2022 is the best chance to recreate the Marvel character, Wanda. If you are looking out to have a Marvel-ous holiday, a Wanda costume will suffice it all. The costume comes with

  • A Satin Cloak
  • A Bodysuit of Red leather 
  • Leggings
  • Boot Covers
  • Spandex Gloves
  • A Headpiece That Looks Like A Crown Fit For A Queen

Wanda Vision Scarlet Witch Cloak Top Headpiece

Wanda Costume Cosplay Wanda Vision Scarlet Witch Cloak

  • Cotton,Polyester
  • Includes : Cloak + Top + Pants + Waistcoat + Girdle + Gloves + Headpiece
  • The top is zipper up, and the cloak is laced up on your shoulder. Our fabric is slightly stretchy,you don’t have to worry about sweating when you wear this scarlet witch costume.

If you wonder that the costume might be too tight for a night of partying while you ride on your bike, do not worry. The bodysuit is breathable and stretchy, which will be very easy for you to mane while riding. The red cloak is soft and flowy; it is removable too. So you can remove it if you feel it will get caught in the wheel.

Vision Halloween costume is yet another WandaVision costume choice for Halloween. It comes with 

  • A Green Vision One-Piece High-Neck Collar Suit
  • A Floor-Length Yellow Cloak
  • A Yellow Diamond On The Chest Of The Suit
  • Long Yellow Gloves
  • At The Center Of Vision’s Forehead Is A Headpiece Complete With A Mind Stone

Vision Cosplay Costume Superhero Wanda Series Outfits

Vision Cosplay Costume Superhero Wanda Series Outfits

  • Wanda Series Outfits is made of Chlorine and Satin Knits
  • Inspired by the Wanda Vision series, this yellow and green cosplay costume gives you a better sense of the Avengers experience.
  • Full Set is composed of Headgear, Cloak, Jumpsuit, Pants, Gloves

The Scarlet Witch outfit / Wanda outfit, he fights Agatha in the WandaVision finale is a replica made of composite leather, cotton, polyester and spandex leather, including

  • A Cloak
  • Trousers
  • A Top
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • A Girdle

Also check: Wanda Vision Battle Suits

Wanda Costume Adult Suit Super Hero Cosplay For HalloweenVision Adult Men Cosplay Costume Halloween


If you get Raven, then this Halloween, you can choose your favorite characters of Teen Titan – Raven to dress up. The costume is just a replica of Raven’s costume in the animated series.


Women’s Raven Purple Cloak Black Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume

  • The long hooded cape with brooch extends to your mid-calf.
  • The black skin-tight bodysuit features a turtle neck and long sleeves with Gemstone chain at waist
  • INCLUDES: 1*Cloak,1*Leotard,1*Belt ;The black leather leotard has some stretch for formfitting. The purple cloak is long enough to go from shoulder down to calf for most people.

It comes with a black-colored bodysuit that is long-sleeved with red accents around the waist. A dark purple hooded cape also comes along with the costume. To get the complete touch of Teen Titan Halloween costume, the purple boot covers are the best. You might start feeling like a superhero with this full Raven costume. You can use your bike as the superpower booster and ride in zoom all through the Halloween season.

Squid Game

At this point, you are either bugged by friends to start binging Squid Game on Netflix or have already finished it by now. The show couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, with Halloween just around the corner. The casual, usually dressed players to the super creepy red light green light doll are more than apt, creepy and culturally relevant costumes for Halloween.

Squid Game Mask Halloween Costume Cosplay Face Cover Masquerade Accessories

Squid Game Mask Halloween Face Cover Masquerade


You can portray yourself as one of the good guys by simply grabbing a green color tracksuit that features side slits and a cold shoulder jacket from Amazon and putting on your favorite white sneakers. The players in the game roam around with their two legs, while you can team up with your two wheels (bike). 

Squid Game Costume Players Sweatsuit

SQUID GAME COSTUME PLAYERS SWEATSUITNumbers PatchesBaseball Jersey T-Shirt, White Teal, X-Large Clothing, Shoes Jewelry

You can portray yourself as the main Squid Game creepy, nightmare-giving doll by grabbing a yellow shirt and topping it with the orange dress available online. You can pull up some thigh-high socks and pair them with your favorite black shoes. You can buy easy-to-fix bangs for your forehead on Amazon if you don’t have one. Your costume will not be an inconvenience while riding. 

Men's Clipper Sneaker Fashion Sneakers

Squid Game Costume Players Slip-On

  • 100% canvas
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushioned Insole for added comfort
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole
  • Classic slip-on style with side gore panels that stretch for easy on/off

You and your buddy squad and, of course, your bike can all get dressed in pink depicting the Pink Squad and become the talk of the town for being ‘The Best Costume Group.’ Just snag these Pink Squad costumes from Amazon that include a jumpsuit, belt, and mask for your entire gang.

Squid Game Costume Squid Masked Man Jumpsuit

Squid Game Costume Squid Masked Man Suit


You can ace the level of Halloween in your locality by being the Front Man. All you’ll need is a black hooded jacket, the Front Man mask and black gloves to intimidate every other group costume you come across. You can add a mask to your bike’s headlight and make it part of the theme.

La Casa De Papel

The easiest and fastest to recreate Halloween costume is LaCasa De Papel, commonly known as Money Heist robbers. Red jumpsuits with zip-ups in the front featuring a hood, stretchy cuffs and various front pockets are available at shops and online. The one available on Amazon looks precisely like the one from the show.

La Casa De Papel Costume

Money Heist - Red Kap Men's Zip-Front JumpsuitDali Mask Reality Party Mask Halloween - Money HeistArmy Rifle Gun Toy

It also comes with a Salvador Dalí mask, i.e., the trademark of Money Heist. Just grab a fake AK-47, put on your costumes and try to get maximum candies by portraying yourself as Denver, Tokyo, Nairobi or Berlin.


You can dress your child as Luca this Halloween if your child dares to step into the world of adventure of Disney’s Luca! Your child can become an intrepid young sea monster with the Luca costume.

There are scales printed on the top portion of the costume, just like skin. The below part of the costume has scales but is mainly designed to look like a pair of shorts. The pant legs end in shoe covers that fit almost all pairs of shoes. The back of the jumpsuit near the waist and tail features a fin on the top.

Luca Costume for Kids Official Disney Luca

Luca Costume for Kids, Official Disney Luca

  • 100% Polyester Costume Jumpsuit for Kids with Headpiece
  • Luca costume jumpsuit with mask and attached tail so you can be the coolest sea creature this Halloween!
  • COMFORTABLE LUCA COSTUME OUTFIT – This kids Luca costume is made of soft, breathable material that is safe and comfy to wear at home or with friends

This costume comes with a molded mask with Luca’s smile and large, round eyes to complete the transformation, which fits with an elastic band in the back. Your child needs the best bud along to run errands of trick or treat. The bike can be the best bud of Luca (your child), and you can dress up your bike and ride it like a Vespa all through the town.


People who want to dress up like the new Marvel captivating and famous character have Shang-Chi to mimic. Shang-Chi’s iconic look can easily be mimicked wearing black pants with his gilded red battle suit. The same armor has been recreated by ShopDisney as a hoodie making it easy to dress up.

Boy's Marvel Shang-Chi Legend of The Ten Rings

Boy’s Marvel Shang-Chi: Legend of The Ten Rings

  • 100% Polyester Costume
  • Hand Wash
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED Marvel Shang-Chi: Legend Of The Ten Rings costume
  • Child’s deluxe padded costume tunic top and pants

The black geometric design is the same as seen on the front of the red jacket that Shang-Chi wears in the movie. You can pair this hoodie with black pants, and you will be set to defeat all the evil demons around. You can paint your bike black or create logos of the Shang-Chi marvel.

Also check: Shang-Chi’s Costume For Girls, Men & Women

Shang-Chi Girls Xialing Costume ClothingMen's Outfit Shang Chi Legend Ten Rings HalloweenBoys Marvel Shang Chi Legend of The Ten Rings - Costume


For your trick-or-treating run, it’s easy to make a great impression with this Family-friendly and instantly recognizable Star Wars Halloween Costume. People will rattle off all Yoda’s wise quotes when Yoda comes knocking. This costume is never going to lose its charm.

Star Wars Complete Baby Yoda Toddler's Costume

Star Wars Complete Yoda Toddler’s Costume

  • 100% Polyester Costume
  • Hand Wash
  • Complete costume includes soft hooded robe with zip-up layer underneath and green yoda headpiece
  • Child’s deluxe padded costume tunic top and pants

With the funny little Yoda costume having a light brown cloak with long ears, your kiddo can be the super-powerful Jedi of all. Complete the look with an angry-looking rubber mask. Your young-ling is now ready to defeat the Sith Lords’ army.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Adult Halloween Costume

The Mandalorian Adult Halloween Costume

  • This officially licensed Star Wars costume will give you the look you need to start your career as the galaxy’s most fearsome bounty hunter.
  • Suit up and remember, this is the way!
  • Blaster accessory is not included.
  • Featuring a padded jumpsuit with cape, and half mask with rich photo real printing.

You will get whatever you need to satisfy the Halloween feel in the Darth Vader costume having an injection-molded mask, belt, printed chest piece, boot toppers and cape, to take on the role of the ultimate Dark Lord of the Sith apart from a blood-red light saber.

 Blue LED Light Up Saber Space Sword

Blue LED Light Up Saber Space Sword

  • FUN LOOK, GOOD PRICE: Light Up Toy Saber Sword is 28″ Long With Bright Blue LEDs
  • Remove Pull Tab and Press the Button to Activate its Steady Light Function (No Flash)
  • Fun for Halloween, Birthday Parties, Cosplay Events, Festivals & More
  • Batteries are Replaceable so Toy Sword Can Be Used for Multiple Events

There are many other Star Wars characters you can portray. Just buy the costume online, add some similar touch to your bike and ride away as you have descended from space.

Boss Baby

The Boo movie is more than famous worldwide with its unique concept that has captured millions of audiences. The old film premiered in 2017, but it is still trending and has not lost its charm in 2022. The Boss Baby costume cannot be better than any other Halloween costume for your toddler.

Boss Baby - Toddler Unisex 5 Piece Classic FitBaby Boys Girls Oxford Shoes Soft Sole

Dress up your toddler in complete formal attire with a three-piece suit, tie and shoes, which is way too cute. We assure you that the kiddo is going to grab just treats and treats. 

The Incredibles

This Halloween makes it a family affair by dressing up as the most adored family of animation – The Incredibles. A fan favorite among just about everyone, this Disney Pixar movie character will be the best family costume ever.

Baby Jack Deluxe Infant CostumeViolet Jumpsuit with Skirt Girls CostumeClassic Dash Muscle Boys CostumeWomen's Mrs Incredible Classic Adult CostumeMens Mr Incredible Classic Muscle Adult Costume

Wear those classic costumes – red jumpsuits with a style that is readily available on Amazon and other online stores as well, as you get the chance to coordinate with all your relatives.

Wearing Spirit Halloween’s Incredibles costumes will make your entire family stand out in the neighborhood irrespective of you being a household of 3, 4, 5, or more. 


What better way to pay homage to one of the most iconic bike-involved scenes in movie history?

Of course, everyone remembers the bike scenes from ET when Elliot is frantically making his way down the streets (and across the sky) with ET on board.

E.T. Movie Mask

The mask is designed in latex material to look just like the original face of ET. The mask is designed to create an authentic look and have the feeling like you have become the character.

ET Costume with Bike

This one is pretty easy to pull off. All you’ll need is a bright red hoodie, some sort of ET doll (or something you can make that looks like him,) a milk crate, a blanket, and of course, a bike.

EVEL KNIEVEL – Best Bike Halloween Costume

Now this seems like a natural idea. Legendary stuntman Evel Knievel was more known for jumping his motorcycle over stuff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same on a bike — or at least look like you can.

Evel Knivel Costume

To do this costume, you’ll simply need to find an Evel Knievel costume, and hop onto your bike. Everyone will immediately get it, saving you from the dreaded “so…what are you?” situation you can find yourself in when being a little too ambitious or exclusive with your costume idea. You can look at the best Evel Knievel costume collection on this amazon page.


If you’ve got a little ingenuity, you can turn your bike into an actual rocket, and then hop on board like you’re an astronaut enjoying a joyride.

Cycle Nasa

This can be done in many ways. Cardboard is probably easiest. You’ll need to cut out and attach the rocket to each side of the frame, and then properly paint and color it. Oh, and you’ll need an astronaut costume as well, that’s pretty important.

This costume will definitely get its fair share of laughs, and your bike gets to have some fun too.

To find the best collection of astronaut costumes you can check on this amazon page.


If you’ve got a beach cruiser, or even the old Schwinn itself or any other popular bike brand, you can easily replicate Pee Wee Herman and his famous bike. All you’ll need is the trademark suit, red bowtie, and possibly a haircut if you want to go all the way.

Pee Wee Herman Costume

You may call it a cyclist fancy dress costume when you add awith a paintball pistol bike with it. Check this Rubie’s Pee-Wee Herman costume on this amazon page.


To our knowledge, nobody has ever seen a sasquatch riding a bike, but you can make it happen if you want. Just put that costume on, and hop on board. I dressed up as a Yeti once and shot my friends with a paintball pistol, which I had a bike to make my getaway though 🙂

Sasquatch riding a cycle

Also Check : – Adult Deluxe Chewbacca Costume & Mask


For whatever reason, T-rex costumes are really popular right now, mainly as people in T-rex costumes doing funny things. Why not add riding a bike to the list? It will be one of the best cyclist Halloween costume if you are a bike lover.

Also, the more the merrier, so this is something you and your friends can do together.

Jurassic Bike Halloween Costume

Think about it — an army of T-rex’s, all riding down the street together. Find this good stuff’s costume design on this amazon page.


Now, how can we forget PACMAN from our bicycle costume ideas. The game has been famous for many years and is known by many.

Pac mac halloween costume for cyclist

                                                                                                                                                        Image source :pinterest

The kids love to play Pacman then why not dress like one? The costume is easy to pull off and is hassle-free. Gather up your friends and combine your Pacman and ghost costumes ready. Plan out your power cookies destinations and let the ghost chase you. Find the best Pacman costumes on this amazon page


Get your spooky ride one! This costume is best if you are ready to scare people. Be the life of an amazing party wearing this costume.

Ghost Costume for halloween

White ghost costumes have been a common outfit for kids and adults for many years. However, you can improvise your ghost side by checking out this costume from the amazon page


The dinosaur costumes are amazingly insane. This type of costume is for hardcore costume lovers who want to recreate the Jurrasic world.


Whether a T-rex or a dinosaur on legs both are always a winner when it comes to Halloween dress-up. Find out the best dinosaur collection for all ages on this amazon page

 Best Amazon Halloween Costumes

Amazon Halloween Costumes


This year and the previous one have not been normal for the entire world, with COVID-19 taking its toll on us. But it will not take a toll on Halloween. Luckily, an oddball year has been a great year for Halloween costume ideas. Choose your look and pair it with your bike. Ride all through the locality this Halloween season.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas for how to totally nail your Halloween bike costumes this year, but without having to leave the bike at home. Have any ideas of your own? Please share them below!





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