Best e-bike conversion kits

E-bike conversion kits are a solution that allows you to add a battery, motor, and electric controls to a non-electric bike to convert it into an e-bike. When selected with care and installed appropriately, the resulting e-bike lets you ride with electric assist exactly like a ‘regular’ e-bike.

How We Picked?

We have chosen four best e-bike conversion kits to make it easy for you to make a decision. It was difficult to shortlist the best products in such a competitive market. We did comprehensive research, including testing different e-bike conversion kits from different brands ourselves. We also studied 544 reviews on the forums of true buyers before coming to a conclusion.  

Different Types of E-Bike Conversion Kits:

1. Mid-Drive Conversion Kit:

As the name indicates, mid-drive conversion kits come with a motor that sits between the pedals — in the middle of your bike.

Being a newer variant, mid-drives are smaller and lightweight. Yet they can provide a greater torque compared to other options. Also, as the motor sits in the middle, the weight balance is optimum — providing you the best riding experience.  

As you can imagine, changing the tire becomes hassle-free. We would recommend choosing a mid-drive conversion kit if you are into off-roading or plan to use it in a mountain bike. However, there is a major drawback of this type of conversion kits. They are expensive! Therefore, expect to pay premium prices to get your hands on a mid-drive conversion kit.

2. Hub-Drive or Wheel Conversion Kit:

Hub-drives are a traditional option. As a matter of fact, the first-ever design of an ebike, designed in 1895, had an electric motor connected to the rear wheel — the basic design principle of a hub-drive conversion kit.  

You can further classify a hub-drive design into two categories — front wheel and rear wheel. The first option comes with a motor attached to the front wheel, while the second option has it in the rear one. The two major advantages of a hub-drive are versatility and affordability.

Sure, the weight becomes slightly off-balanced as the motors are bulkier. But they are cheap and simpler to install. If you are only planning to use your converted e-bike for daily commutes, a hub-drive is more than capable enough.

3. Friction Drive Conversion Kit:

The basic principle of the conversion kit works like this — the kit comes with a roller attached to the motor. When the motor activates, it powers the roller that moves the rear wheel using friction.

The biggest shortfall we think is the noise. Also, the traction between the roller and wheel reduces drastically during rain. Overall, the mechanism is neither efficient nor balanced.

What Is The Price Of An E-Bike Kit?

Generally, an electric bike conversion kit ranges between $300 and $900. This is what you will pay for a basic kit, although you can get much cheaper options, and top-shelf units. Note that the range above is for good quality conversion kits that will provide value for your money.

What Value Do E-Bike Conversion Kits Offer?

An electric bike conversion kit is generally worth the price. Kits are cheaper than buying a new e-bike. This lets you put more money into buying a more powerful, better-quality conversion kit. Conversion kits are generally easy to install with only some tools and even new e-bikes usually need some assembly.

Best E-Bike Conversion Kits:

1.  Bafang:

BAFANG 750W Mid Drive Kit

Bafang BBS02B Mid drive kit is compatible with mountain bikes, road bikes and so on. This kit is designed to fit a standard 68-73mm (length) and 34-36mm (internal diameter) bottom bracket. Its mid motor is powerful, quiet and perfectly integrated. Max speed can reach to 40-50 KM/H. Its maximum torque of 160 Nm, is enough for your daily commute or riding on a mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail.


Wattage: 36V/500W,48V/500W,48V/750W,48V(52V)/1000W

Motor Type: Brushless Gear Motor & IRFB3077 MOSFET

Motor Model: The Newest Version BBS02B/BBSHD

Motor Position: Mid Crank

Chainring Wheel: 42T/44T/46T/48T/52T

Controller: Integrated Inside the Motor

Display:500C/C965/800S/C961/850C/P850C/860C/C18/KD986/SW102/750C/750C New version with Bluetooth function

What We Like

  • Runs really smooth and quiet
  • Holds up well in the rain
  • Excellent corner handling

What We Don’t Like

  • Controller failure
  • Increased wear on drivetrain

Final Verdict:

The Bafang BBS02 mid-drive conversion kit indeed is a great conversion kit. The motor has the best-in-class pedal assist, is built nicely, provides a lot of power and torque, is really versatile, and can be installed relatively easily. The only aspect where it falls behind is its controller reliability.So if you are looking for the best mid-drive conversion kit for your DIY e-bike, you shouldn’t look any further! The Bafang BBS02 offers amazing value for money and you will be amazed by its performance.

2. Swytch e-Bike Conversion Kit

Swytch eBike Conversion Kit

Turn the bike you love electric with ease and at a fraction of the cost of an eBike with the electric bike conversion kit. Each kit fits straight out of the box as the motor wheel is built to perfectly match your bike.It fits almost any type of bike and works with front disc brakes also. Available for any wheel size, including 26”, 28”, 700C, Brompton 16”, and more.


Motor: 250 W geared hub motor (40 Nm torque)Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph) in the US or 25 km/h (15.5 mph) in the EURange: 30-50 km (18-31 mi) depending on user input and battery pack sizeBattery: 36V 5Ah (180 Wh) and 36V 7Ah (250 Wh) optionsCharge time: 3 hoursWeight: 3 kg (6.6 lb)

What We Like

  • Battery is tiny
  • Pleasant ride
  • Easy to move to a new bike frame
  • Inexpensive as long as you are patient.
  • Makes inexpensive eBikes inclusive.

What We Don’t Like

  • Ordering process can feel convoluted.
  • Short range

Final Verdict:

The Swytch system is effective and clever. We also like that if you just want to go for a normal ride on your bike then it’s a simple matter of removing the Swytch wheel and putting your old one back on again.However, please note all its drawbacks. The fiddly install process, the loss of handlebar space, the limited range compared to true electric bikes. It is well worth investigating if you have an old bike that you want to electrify.

3. AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

Electric bicycle front wheel conversion kit features 48V 1000W brushless and gearless hub motor for efficient running. It fits any 26″ bicycle frame with 3 15/16″ front dropout spacing, Easily convert your bicycle to electric bike and reach the maximum riding speed of 45 KM/H, Suitable for regular bicycles used on commuting and short journeys.It consists of an aluminum alloy frame for durability and stability. It can support a heavy weight up to 220 Lbs; drive system without moving chains or gears for anti-friction; LCD operation panel for displaying riding information such as battery power and riding speed.


Overall Dimension(Dia.xW): 25 3/16″ x 2″ (64 x 5.1 cm)

Controller Power: 1000W

Motor Voltage: 48V

Motor Rotating Speed: 600 RPM

Motor Torque: 60 N.m

Recommended Battery: 48V/30A

Recommended Battery Capacity: 17 to 20Ah

Suitable Brake Type: Disc Brake / V-Brake

Weight Capacity: 220 Lbs (100kg)

Climbing Angle: 12 Degrees

Net Weight: 24.3 Lbs (11 kg)

Compatible Tire Size: 26″

What We Like

  • High efficiency
  • Dual-mode controller
  • Complete motor wheelset
  • Highly sensitive throttles
  • Advanced LCD System
  • Pedal Assistance System (PAS)

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery sold separately

Final Verdict:

This AW kit is one of the most powerful kits on the market. It’s the suitable choice for individuals who need superb biking power at a reasonable price. It comes with an LCD that lets you know your current speed, mileage, battery power, and time. Sturdy wheels and tires with the package to enhance your performance on the road. Use this to make a superb hybrid version of your bicycle.

4. Ebikeling

AW Electric Bicycle Motor Kit

This is another super conversion kit from Ebikeling production which will meet your expectations. It is available in variants that allow you to choose either LED or LCD. Also, there is a choice to make between thumb throttle and a twist throttle.Here, the LCD wins by displaying the battery percent, total distance, power, speed, and PAS level. It is worth noting that the LED option will work well but won’t display some basic information. The motor is strong and fast, it can ascend and descend a hill with ease. Again, this one comes with error codes identification systems that help you to detect and rectify the faults.


Recommended tire width: 28C, 32C, 35C, 40C

Rim Width: 29.6mm

Rim Diameter (Outer): 633mm

Rim Diameter (Inner): 583mm

Spoke: 188mm 12G Carbon Steel Copper Nipples

Rear dropout: 132mm

Rear Axle Length: 207mm

Kit Weight: 23lbs

Motor Torque: 30 Nm Efficiency > 82%

Motor RPM (Nominal): 430

Motor Hub Diameter: 242mm

Motor Magnets: 46

Peak Power: 1.45kW

Operating Mode: S1

What We Like

  • Fast, dependable. and powerful
  • Easy and smooth assembly
  • Aluminum double-walled rim
  • Pedal Assist Sensor
  • Available in many styles
  • Error codes for easy troubleshooting

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a tire and battery

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is a great kit for the money. The motor is powerful, durable, and efficient. It comes with a Pedal Assist Sensor that provides an easy option to operate as an ebike or pedal bike. Also, you can choose the LCD or LED variants depending on your preference.

Can You Turn Any Bike Into An E-Bike?

Yes, any bike can be turned into an e-bike. But, if you’re going to use a powerful motor, then you will need to consider whether the bike’s components and frame can handle the stress.The conversion kits power your front or rear wheel or power the bikes via the cranks. Wheel-based systems usually have a hub motor and need replacement of your existing wheel with a compatible motorized one. The alternative is a system like the Rubber that drives your wheel by pushing on the tyre.


The three types of e-bike conversion kits include ‒ mid-drive conversion kit, hub-drive or wheel conversion kit, and friction drive conversion kit. If you are looking for a mid drive conversion kit, then you can go for Bafang as it is one of the popular options. Also, Ebikeling’s kit is an overall great kit, worth the money.

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