6 Best Bike Handlebar Grips of 2023 | An Ultimate Cyclists Guide

This article is a buying guide for bike handlebar grips.  Although this is often an after thought, it affects longterm comfort. Hand comfort is important on long or bumpy rides.  If you are into cycling for the long-term, it is definitely worth your time to find the handlebars and hand grips that provide the most comfort and control.

In A Hurry? The Winner After 34 Hours Of Research:

editors pickV tech 2pc Non-Slip Rubber Mountain Handlebar Grip

Vktech’s Slide-on Grips

Why is it better?

  • Non-slip grip, easy to put & take off
  • Great for all types of riding!
  • Anatomic raised surface provides traction maximum control

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Best Bike Handlebar Grips for 2022 Comparison Table

Vtech 2pc Non Slip Soft Rubber Mountain Handlebar Vktech 2pcs Non Slip S Rating: 90/100 View Latest Deal →
7/8 Universal Grips for Taper Dirt 7/8 Universal Grips for Taper Dirt Pit Bike Blue one pair Rating: 89/100 View Latest Deal →
Green Cycle Bike Grips Green Cycle Bike Grips GGR-96 for Kids Rating: 87/100 View Latest Deal →
Body Geometry Neutralizer Locking Grip Neutralizer Locking Grip Rating: 86/100 View Latest Deal →
schwinn-ergonomic-comfort-bicycle-grip Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip Rating: 84/100 View Latest Deal →
Serfas RX Grip 1 Serfas RX Grip 1 Rating: 82/100 View Latest Deal →

Why are Handlebar Grips so important in a bicycle?

Bike companies focus on the visible, sexy parts of the bike: shocks, gears, breaks and wheels.

Comfort is important but so is safety.  This is where the grips come in, as they make sure that the hands are firmly fixed on the handlebar and do not slip off the bike when it gets wet from sweat or rain.

There are various material types like rubber, plastic, metal, and even leather. 

What can actually help are soft compounds, well-placed contact points, and sized gears which would fit all kinds of hand sizes maintaining a comfortable grip during epic rides and long days in the saddle.

How to choose?  Don’t worry this guide will get you there.  I spent quite a lot of time in all types of weather going through different grips.

To help you find a perfect grip that would suit all your cycling needs as per the different types of cycling you do, we have shortlisted a few below with its specification considering a wide range of shapes, textures, riding styles, and price ranges. 

So, take a look at the best reviewed bike handlebar grips of 2022.

Mountain Bike handle Grips

Vktech’s Slide-on Grips – our top pick

No products found.

Vktech’s Slide-on Grips are the best no-frills grips, being an epitome of simplicity. Before you hit the trail, all you need to do is slip these grips on. They will fit any standard bicycle handlebar. 

The Vktech grips give riders a solid grip even when rolling over rocky trails or bouncing along rutted dirt roads thanks to their soft, tacky rubber compound with a raised waffle pattern.

After taking a dive off your bike if you use your hands to hold yourself, you can be rest assured of not contracting any kind of perspiration infection and these rubber grips are completely antibacterial. 

They provide more cushion to the hand and are light in weight as well. Well compared to the harder compounds there rubber grips tend to wear out a tad faster, but again, these being light on pocket, replacing them would not be much of a pain. 

You can check how to install bike handle grips here.


  • Soft durable rubber, anti-bacteria and strong wearability
  • Custom anatomic raised surface provides traction maximum control
  • Non-slip grip, easy to put & take off
  • Provide extra comfort
  • Great for all types of riding

What We Like

  • These grips are extremely cost efficient


  • They are very light in weight


  • Installing these bike grips is easy


What We Don’t Like

  • They are not very durable

Dirt Bike Handle Grips

7/8 Pro Taper Bike Grips – best comfort handlebar grips

7/8 Pro Taper Bike Grips
  • 【Fitment】 Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Fit for all 7/8" Left & 1" Right Grips.Left inner diameter: 22mm Right Internal Diameter: 24mm
  • 【Material】 Non-slip Rubber. The Rubber Hand Grip Bar is durable,corrosion resistant.
  • 【Package Included】 A Set of 2 Handlebar Grips :(7/8" Left Grip & 1" Right Grip)

An essential part of an amazing dirt bike cycling experience are the motorbike handle grips which give required support and protection from vibrations and arm pumps. 

There are various kinds of dirt bike handlebar grips available in the market, but our vote after thorough survey goes to Pro Taper 7/8 grips.

This particular grip is the best choice of all the professional racers worldwide. Their say on this is that it is perfectly compatible and interchangeable with original parts.

Overall the bike grip measures 120mm and offers great style and comfort when used. It is built in such a way to absorb the vibrating operations.


  • Anti-skid design
  • Ergonomic grip shape 
  • Fast and accurately to remove and install

What We Like

  • These grips will give you the best comfort on holding them


  • They have anti-slip design which will not let you hands slip while riding


  • These gips are a perfect replacement for OEM


What We Don’t Like

  • These grips are not always true to size and create differences 

Kids Bike handle Grips

Green Cycle Bike Grips GGR-96 – Best Budget handlebar grips

Green Cycle Bike Grips
  • Soft rubber bicycle grips with safety bar-ends for comfortable fun of your child
  • No cheap rubber smell
  • Length: 102 mm

When it’s your kids on the road and on 2 wheels, safety and protection is something which we all take care of. 

That is when bike handle grips come into play. Green Cycle Bike Grips GGR-96 is our best take for kids. A comfortable and confident ride for your kid is guaranteed with these bright and soft grips. 

Your kids won’t slip their hands off the handle bar as the rubber cover holds tight to the bar. These grips could perfectly fit most balanced bikes, kids bikes and scooters as well.

You kids would love the 3 color range that this grip comes in. So, yeah it’s not only the protection but even some bling!


  • Shock Absorbing Surface
  • Water-resistant

What We Like

  • The material of the grip is very soft


  • The grips do not have any kind of cheap rubber smell


  • They are easily affordable


What We Don’t Like

  • These grips are not always true to size and create differences 

Road bike Handlebar Grip

Neutralizer Locking Grip – Best bike grips for numb hands

Body Geometry Neutralizer Locking Grip

Neutralizer Locking Grip

  • Hand’s anatomy relieving pressure-related design
  • Flat ledge under the grip
  • Super tacky, yet durable

Road Bikes are not only for cyclists but even for those who enjoy a nice race and competition. 

To distribute pressure more evenly across the hand, these Neutralizer Grips are scientifically created and tested offering a significant ledge for your fingers to perch onto. 

This results in maximum control and comfort, as it is combined with the super-tacky grip material.


  • Medically designed to conform to the hand’s anatomy relieving pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often lead to fatigue
  • Flat ledge under the grip provides enhanced grip
  • Super tacky, yet durable, grip provides superior control

What We Like

  • These grips are medically designed and thus perfect


  • These grips give a firm hold


  • Highly durable and great looking


What We Don’t Like

  • The installation of these grips might be a little tricky 

BMX bikes handle grips

Maximum control and protection is a done deal with these grips for a BMX as the rides are tough and usually on rough uneven terrains. As you require more surface area to grip them properly, these grips are longer than mountain bike grips.

Here we have 2 equally best grip for the best BMX Bikes in today’s date one is ‘Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip’ and the other is ‘Serfas RX Grip 1’ in the whole of the market. Let us find out why.

1. Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip – best ergonomic bike grips

Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip
  • Soft Kraton material cushions the ride. Black body with red or gray accents on the ends.Assorted Pack
  • No slip grip control
  • Fits all standard bicycles

Its unique features are the grip’s design and physical appeal along with its affordability. These ergonomic bike handle grips are totally rugged and perfect for all kinds of weather conditions thanks to its robust material that fits all climates. 

These grips come in  3 layers as well, where an extra layer of gel is added which provides extra comfort. 

This feel and experience of the tri-layered grip is unmatched in the industry as the extra layer of the gel makes this grip feel very soft to touch. 

The Schwinn grip improves traction through its textured pattern design apart from its three-layered gel. 

The Schwinn Tri-layer grips can be used across all standard bikes that are 22 mm in diameter.


  • Stretchable upto 7/8″ diameter handlebar
  • A medium gray soft oval pad with tiny crosshatches
  • Improves traction through its textured pattern design

What We Like

  • These grips are extremely affordable


  • Unlike other grips, these have an extra layer of gel for great hold


  • These grips come in textured pattern


  • They give a firm grip while riding


What We Don’t Like

  • The installation of these grips might be a little tricky 

2. Serfas RX Grip 1 – best bike grips for commuting

Serfas RX Grip 1

Serfas RX Grip 1

  • Hard inner core grips a handlebar like a vice
  • Outer layer Dual Density grips absorb shock
  • Strategically located Ulnar Groove reduces hand and finger fatigue 

These grips are considered as a boon to a rider, you know why? It’s because the doctors have worked on it to eliminate numbness and fatigue and have designed medically engineered grips. 

As a lot of pressure is felt on the critical nerves and the arteries while cycling, in these grips, the ulnar grooves are strategically placed. 

Along with this, it provides an excellent grip and absorbs vibration for a super-smooth ride thanks to the diamond shape top layer and dual-density compound also giving total control and comfort.

The soft shock absorbing outer material will definitely reduce the hand fatigue while the hard inner compound will add to its durability and strength.

The Serfas features a lightweight aluminum collar range of lock on grips which clamps onto your bars. It is primarily designed by doctors to help increase the blood flow and reduce the vibrations caused while cycling.

 It’s ergonomic shape does its job well.


  • Ulnar Nerve Groove
  • Dual Density Design
  • Soft Outer Rubber Casing
  • Shock Absorbing Rubber 
  • Molded Air Flow Channels

What We Like

  • These grips are extremely affordable


  • They are all cushy and soft


  • They give a firm grip while riding


What We Don’t Like

  • The grips are not very comfortable to ride

How Do I Choose My Bike Handle Grips?

Well choosing a handlebar grip is a really important step, as this will make or break your ride. So check out the parameters on which you can base your choice.


Bike grips come in different compounds just like tyres, from soft to hard. The softer compounds are gripper but they wear faster too whereas the harder one that will last you a lifetime.


There’s no right or wrong and it might take To find the right size a bit of experimenting  would be required, but the effort will be well worth it for ultimate control and comfort. from the super fat 37mm diameter to something thinner like these 29mm diameter, the grips come in different dimensions. A grip of 31mm is the best to begin with.


A small amount of pattern on the rubber is what you really need to produce a good grip, is what we think and anything more is likely to be bulky and give you less ‘feel’ through the bars. Although there are many patterns available from a simple cross-hatched to something with a branded pattern and also to words on them.

The Types of Grips

  • Traditional Grips: These are slide on grips which are made up of rubber. Once this is put on, there is no need to put the bar end plugs. 

Traditional Handlebar Grips

Pro’s: Cost-efficient, slim sizes, light, simple

Con’s: Slips when wet, difficulties in removing, less grip

  • Foam: As the name suggests the grips are made up of foam making it easier to slide on the handlebars just like sleeves. 

Pro’s: Cost-efficient, plain, great vibration protection

Con’s: Unfixed, hard to remove, the bar end plugs are missing

  • Lock-on grips: Lock-on grips are the ones having those metal rings at both the ends or at least at one of the ends which actually locks them into place. This is possible due to a 2 mm to 3 mm small Allen Key Bolton present on the handlebar. 

Lock On Grips

Pro’s: Secure, sizes and compounds vary, easily installed and easy to uninstall

Con’s: Expensive, very narrow sizes, the outer part of the parm can be hurt as the lock-on ring might interfere with it

Common FAQs


Bicycle handlebar grips are one of the most important components on your bike as the grips play a major role in your comfort as well as the bike’s handling. 

They surely need to be comfortable because remember that you’ll be holding onto the grips every time you ride.

To save up your time, we suggest our top pick Vktech’s Slide-on Grips for your bike. They are highly durable and are very comfortable while riding. Also they are compatible with all type of riding style. 

Make sure to consider the anatomy of your hand, whether or not you wear gloves, the climate you cycle in, and the type of cycling you do before you buy the grips. 

We hope that we have covered all that is required for a rider to know about the bike grips through this guide. Hopefully, this guide steers you to buy the best bike handlebar grips.

Keep Riding!

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