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Sixthreezero specializes in cruiser bikes, so if you’re looking for a leisurely stroll on the beach or to work, you’ve come to the right place. Such bikes weren’t made for the sole purpose of reaching your destination as fast as possible or participating in races.

Sixthreezero was established with the vision of changing the impression of cycling from only a stressful sports activity into a stress-relieving activity done in style.

A Brief History

Sixthreezero was established in 2005, it started off by selling bikes from a garage in Hermosa Beach. It’s currently located in Torrance, California. Sixthreezero focuses mainly on producing the ​best cruising bikes.

The essence of Sixthreezero is to provide bikers with an enjoyable, safe, and stylish ride. They’re growing slow but steady in the market of beach cruiser bikes because they fully understand the concept behind them, and what’s more important to riders than the speed of the bike.

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The Secret Behind Success

Sixthreezero bikes have tens of different specifications. They’ve got bikes specially designed for men, women, and children. Their broad style category has hybrid, cruiser, comfort, commuter, tricycles, and fat-tire bikes.

When choosing a Sixthreezero bike, you have four speed options to choose from: 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed. Whether you want a bike for riding on the beach, city, trails, or around the neighborhood, Sixthreezero has one for you.

The list goes on to include even the softness level of the seat. You can choose between soft, moderate, and hard seat for your bike to ensure you’re having the most perfect ride you can ever get.

​These ​bike brands are highly customizable and adjustable, so you can even assemble your very own dream bike. If you’re a little confused about what to choose, you can use the questionnaire available on their website to help you out.

You’ll answer questions like what type of routes you intend to use your bike for, how soft you need your bike seat to be, which is more important to you: speed or comfort, how often you’re going to ride your bike, and for how long a ride. All this will be put into consideration when assembling the bike.

For instance, if you need a bike for your daily commuting trips for work, an aluminum chassis bike with hybrid tires is a perfect choice for you; it’s light and pretty convenient for the paved streets of the busy city.

Sixthreezero's Vision

Sixthreezero was founded by people who are fond of cruiser bikes, pop culture, and fashion. This obsession of theirs made them believe they could produce bike designs that were never seen before, and they did.

As mentioned before, Sixthreezero is all about cruiser bikes. It also looks forward to changing the stereotype about bike riding being a difficult, straining, and strenuous activity. It’s important that Sixthreezero bike owners take the opposite approach and think of it as relaxing and fun.

Sixthreezero - popular Bike Models

The company offers 1-speed, 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed bikes, in addition to a variety of accessories. Selecting a bike from sixthreezero’s website is easy. Potential customers simply provide the following information:


If you don’t know for sure what you’re going to ride your bike through, you can choose this bike full-heartedly. Its single-speed type is perfect for getting errands finished around the quiet, paved, beautiful neighborhood. Its 3-speed and 7-speed types are what you’re looking for if you’re after climbing hills and covering more miles.

Moreover, the 21-speed type will be your dream bike if you’re into fast rides or uphill riding. In short, you don’t have to look any further than this bike, you should only choose your speed gear according to what you need it for.

The EVRYJourney can support a rider’s weight up to 300 lbs, height up to 6 ft 2 inches, and daily ride frequency. It can go up to more than 20 miles a day.

This model is perfect for maneuvers thanks to its lightweight aluminum body, and easy to stop using either its front or rear brakes. It’s also suitable for whatever type of route you want to ride it on, paved or unpaved. Even riders with back or knee pain can ride it.

Explore Your Range

This one’s perfect for city residents in busy streets and an upbeat lifestyle. It’s available for men and women in 3-speed and 7-speed gears. This could be your perfect choice for a ride to work.

It can support a rider’s weight up to 300 lbs, height up to 6 ft, and daily ride frequency. It can go up to more than 20 miles a day.

Its best qualities include a body entirely made of aluminum, which makes it very lightweight, an easy-mount step-through frame, and hybrid tires for a stable quick, ride.

However, it needs a confident rider; you’ll be riding through quite busy streets. Besides, this bike isn’t intended for heavy usage on unpaved roads, and you can’t use this bike if you experience any type of body pain.

Pave n’ Trail

Yet another perfect choice for commuting for those who love speed. It’s available for men and women in 7-speed and 21-speed gears. It’s intended mainly for paved and trail roads, as its name implies. It can support a rider’s weight up to 300 lbs, height up to 6 ft 2 inches, and daily ride frequence, and it can go up to 20 miles a day.

Just like Explore Your Range, it gained its popularity because of the lightweight aluminum body, the easy-mount step-through frame, and the hybrid tires for a stable quick, ride. Also, this one comes with a rear rack, which makes it easily portable.

Around the Block

Designed for both men and women, the Around the Block model is ideal for exercise, leisure, and commuting. The bike’s recommended riding speed range is 3 mph – 25 mph. The recommended riding range per ride is 10 miles.

In the Barrel

This bike is designed for men. It can be used on beaches, trails, paths, or in the city. The recommended riding range is 10 miles.


This bike is the perfect combination of sophistication and casual and is perfect for women riders. It features a riding range of 35 miles and a recommended maximum speed of 30 mph.

Why Choose Sixthreezero?

First of all, their price range is quite convenient, almost anyone can buy one of their bikes, in addition to what we’ve mentioned earlier about their bikes being highly customizable. They offer free shipping, a 365-day test period and a lifetime warranty, too. This means you won't have to worry about a faulty part.

You can add as many accessories as you want to your bike, starting from grip handles up to pet baskets, and their liners, too.

In short, Sixthreezero misses no single detail out. Hence, if you like to ride in style, Sixthreezero has got you covered!