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If you are looking for a bike that will last, you could do a lot worse than dealing with a bike company that has been around over 100 years. Fuji continues to manufacture bikes today that rival any other on the market.

Part of the Advances Sports International brand, which includes Kestrel and SE, Fuji bikes run the gamut producing models for mountain, road, track and urban riders.

The Declaration, designed for casual rides, offers a more upright seating positioned frame for extra ride comfort on city streets. You also have an elevated seat post for better seat vision and the ability to adjust to a fixed or free suspension ride.

The importance of bikes

Bicycles are increasingly becoming the most used vehicles in the world on account of their environmental friendliness, easy use, and relative affordability compared to other types of vehicles. Not only are bikes used as a means of transport, but they are also used for exercising and leisure rides.

The market is packed with different models and brands that vary in style, shape, size, price, and functionality. Your cycling necessities determine the kind of bike you should get. Lucky for you, you’ll find the right bike that meets your needs with Fuji Bikes’ diverse collection.

FUJI Bikes - Our Reviews

Fuji Bikes: Where the Journey Began

Fuji started in Japan in 1899 as an importing and distributing brand for American and English bikes. 20 years later, Fuji Bikes started manufacturing their own bikes and by the 1920s they were the most popular bikes in Japan, standing out in Japanese cycling races and competitions.

In the 1950s, they began importing to America and were sold to major retailers around the U.S. Fuji’s popularity and sales rapidly increased and by the 1960s they were every amateur rider’s favorite.

During the 1970s Fuji came out with The Fuji S10-S —dubbed the “Special Road Racer” of it’s time, which single-handedly established Fuji as the leading bike brands for excellent bikes in the U.S.

To this day, it remains one of the best thought-out bikes ever made. Later that decade, the S10 was followed by The Fuji Ace which was first in line to a series that presently continues to employ the best system engineering out there.

Fuji took bike production to the next level when they introduced the first 12-speed wheel (featuring a 6-speed freewheel), revolutionizing the cycling industry and achieving dominance over the market.

The company further expanded its horizons by sponsoring the first U.S. Women’s National Cycling Team, a decade before women’s cycling became an Olympic sport, making it the first brand to start sponsoring a professional women’s cycling team in North America and further on moved to organize their own race.

They upped the standards and pushed the boundaries once more when they became the first company to manufacture bicycle frames out of titanium, dramatically changing the concept of bike flexibility and lightness.


Fuji’s journey hasn’t always been a happy one. By the 1990s they had declared bankruptcy and were bought by ASI (Advanced Sports Incorporated).

With the support of ASI, the production was once again resumed and Fuji regained its place in the market where their bikes were once more globally renowned.

Unfortunately, ASI’s parent company declared its bankruptcy in 2018, leaving the fate of the U.S distribution of Fuji bicycles unknown.

This, however, doesn’t erase Fuji’s old and prestigious history. The company still remains one of the most prominent and versatile bicycle brands in the world.

Sponsored Teams and Riders

Fuji has always endorsed and supported athletes, starting with the first U.S. Women’s National Cycling Team in 1974, to sponsoring Olympic gold medalist Mark Gorski in 1984.

Until the end of 2014, Fuji equipped and sponsored the UCI Continental Circuits NetApp Endura.

Most recently Fuji sponsored the UCI Continental Circuits Caja Rural-Seguros Cycling Team. U.S. triathlete, Matt Reed is amongst the notable competitors who have benefited from Fuji’s sponsorship.

Popular Fuji Bikes

Fuji provides different bikes for all riders of all ages cycling through different roads. From the convenient E-traverse to the sturdy Auric and the reliable Dynamite, the following are reviews of some of Fuji’s most popular models.


Whether you’re on the trails or cycling around town, the E-Traverse is a bike that you won’t want to stop riding once you take it out for a spin.

It is an electric sport hybrid bike that provides the perfect match for any challenges you give it. Not only is it suitable for different road types, but it also is comfortable and light with quality components that include:

A Bafang pedal-assist 250-watt motor that gives you up to 20mph speed
A short-travel Suntour suspension fork (63mm) and a hydraulic lockout that reduces the pain of bumpy roads and uneven trails
Quality Shimano derailleurs that enable you to accurately shift gears
A2-SL double-butted aluminum frame integrating Bosch's Powertube powerful battery


Fuji has completely redesigned its Auric bike line, putting the infamous mountain bike on top of the Fuji bike models’ list.

The Auric bike’s new reimagined progressive size and geometry easily make it one of the best mountain bike ​out there for both ascending and descending trails. In addition to its exceptional durability and reduced service intervals, the Auric mountain bikes have numerous key features such as:

A6-SL super-butted alloy frame that is durable and light
27.5-inch wheels that keep you balanced and centered, enabling you to have a good grip on rough trails
Aesthetically pleasing internal cable routing that also protects cables from dirt and debris
KS dropper seat posts on all models providing ultimate comfort throughout long and hard rides


The Dynamite Fuji bike has been specially designed for young boys and girls who want to start exploring the world of mountain biking.

It’s suitable for parks, trails and dirt roads, making it a convenient gateway bike for family vacations and trips. If you’re looking to get your kids to fall in love with riding, this is the bike for you. Fuji’s Dynamite has excellent child-friendly qualities that include:

Durable and lightweight A1 aluminum frame
Short-reach brake levers that ensure safety and comfort for kids while enabling them to easily control the breaks
Dependable smooth shifting with a wide gearing range to climb hills or speed on flat trails provided by Shimano drivetrain


The Cross from Fuji is one of the most celebrated Cyclocross models around. The A6-SL butted aluminum frame weighs just 1300 grams and while being one of the lightest bikes, the performance is even better. Designed for all conditions including gravel, sand and mud, the Cross will accelerate quickly and stop smoothly no matter what is under the tires.


The Declaration, designed for casual rides, offers a more upright seating positioned frame for extra ride comfort on city streets. You also have an elevated seat post for better seat vision and the ability to adjust to a fixed or free suspension ride.

In Conclusion

Due to their affordable prices and low running costs as well as their convenience and environmental values, bikes are now amongst the most commonly popular vehicles in the world.

The Fuji bikes mentioned above are some of the best ever produced. You can hardly ever go wrong with a selection from them, so go ahead and pick your Fuji.